Unseen Photo Festival 2015 - Charlie Engman, Luke Norman & Nik Adam

unseen_flyer_back_1Unseen 2015

Wandering Bears presents the output of a site specific collaboration between three artists; Charlie Engman a US based photographer and Luke Norman & Nik Adam, a photographic duo from the United Kingdom. The exhibition features a total of 15 works commissioned especially for the 2015 iteration of the Unseen Photo Festival in Amsterdam.

The unique process to create these works entailed the artists each exchanging images in the form of original RAW files, which were then manipulated and reworked by the artists themselves through their own distinctive methods. The final body of work has been curated and exhibited at the festival by Wandering Bears.

The initial brief was for the artists to reinterpret and recontextualise each other’s original images, with Norman & Adam adopting an entirely physical and analogue based approach with all elements of manipulation taking place on set and in camera. While Engman’s methods of post production was realised through the use of collage and digital layering by means of imaging software.

Charlie Engman

Charlie Engman (b.1987, Chicago) is an American artist and photographer. Engman received a BA in Japanese and Korean studies from the University of Oxford in 2009, where he also studied at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art. Upon graduating, Engman returned to the U.S. where he began integrating his commercial, fashion, and art practices.

Luke Norman & Nik Adam

Luke Norman (b.1988, Bristol) and Nik Adam (b.1986, Sussex) first began working together in 2009, shortly after each receiving a BA in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Currently based in London they continue to work collaboratively on personal and commercial projects, using photography to present discourse surrounding varying subjects from still life, portraiture and sculpture. This exhibition has been supported and made possible by the MIAP Foundation.

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Introducing WB Chapter – No.1

As you know Wandering Bears content has dramatically decreased over the past 12 months. This is a combination of a few things. Time; as our careers have developed in our respective fields so too have our work loads. Becoming busier and busier has been a great thing but not so much for WB. Another factor was inspiration, the principles and circumstances on which WB were based have changed and our perspective of what we wanted to achieve became unclear.

But as ever, with WB it was the constant conversations, meetings, emails and messages from people all over the world that keep us inspired. This thread of inspiration and time away from the project allowed us to reevaluate and consider what we should do with this platform that had been created to promote and show great photography.

So after many long discussions and debates we have come up with WB CHAPTER. We are reversing the role that the internet has in distributing articles and blog posts on a frequently changing basis. We intend to publish every 6 months (or whatever it takes to get a substantial amount of work, articles, interviews, new ideas collected) and release these articles all in one go, amassing in a bounty of posts that will remain on the site for people to browse at a leisurely pace.

For those addicted to the high pace flux of imagery that we have become accustom to from 2010 – 2013 we will continue to post on our frequently updated Instagram Takeover and Tumblr. But in the meantime enjoy sitting down, relaxing and engaging with a host of amazing contributors to the first ever WB CHAPTER – No.1.