À La France – Baptiste Perrin

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doxycycline monohydrate prices http://www.crystalcitymo.org/?c=can-you-take-antibiotics-with-blood-pressure-medication BAPTISTE PERRIN studies at the Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst of Leipzig, under the direction of photographer Peter Piller and is currently “artist in residence” at fugitif.eu in Leipzig ! I met Baptiste at the ESAD School of Art in Strasbourg a few years ago, his work has always been multi disciplinary, ranging from installations to wax paintings, with a nourished interest for  photography. His work is naturally influenced by the different teachings he has received, and he has lately gained a new interest for printmaking, editions and artist books. Baptiste’s work is an attempt to make the traces, drifts of memory and souvenirs tangible, by playing with his own archive of images, analyzing them, and distorting them to recreate possibilities of interaction, combining places, people, actions, that have accumulated with time. The question of the instant, of the decisive moment, is at the core of his practice. He establishes rules, systems around a set of possibilities.


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http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=amoxil-price-compare Baptiste recently produced a series of unique editions entitled Engramme, I urge you to look up at Baptiste’s website to check out the remaining volumes. Here’s what he says about them :

ampicillin price per pill go to site FR “L’engramme est la trace de nos souvenirs dans notre cerveau. Ces éditions sont un travail sur la ré-interpretation. Travail sur ce qui persiste en nous et ce qui s’invente en nous à partir d’un passé disparu, à la manière des rêves quand la conscience s’efface. Ce qui s’invente à nous quand nous nous absentons à nous-même. Un jeu de possibilité, acquérir de nouveaux souvenirs en les déconstruisant. Trier et fabriquer une mélodie avec tout le bruit enmagasiné. Une édition qui invente des solutions à des situations jamais vécues. Une série de 24 images pour ancrer cette fiction dans une seconde du film. Une enquête, une brève, une histoire, un fait divers sur papier journal.

see url UK “An engram is the trace of souvenirs is our brain. These editions are about re-interpretation. They are about what persists in us, what we invent in us from a vanished past, the way that dreams do when conscience drifts away. What gets invented when we leave ourselves. It’s a game of possibilities, acquiring new souvenirs by deconstructing them. Sort out and make up a melody from all the accumulated noise. This edition invents solutions to situations that were never lived. A series of 24 images to anchor this fiction in one second of the movie. An investigation, a short account of facts, a story, minor incidents printed on newspaper paper.”


Baptiste Perrin, Engramme 1

Engramme 1 – Newspaper paper – 24 pages –  black & white laser printing. Unique edition.


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