À La France – Cyrille Weiner

taking doxycycline and pregnancy First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to Wandering Bears for inviting me to be a guest contributor in their special featured month ‘à la France‘. This is my turn, now to feed you with a Sunday meal of French photography !

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=purchase-antibiotics-Canada I would like to introduce you  to the work of doxycycline and grapefruit interaction Cyrille Weiner, a photographer working and living in Paris. I met Cyrille, back in the years 2003-2004, as he was part of Tangophoto, a network and collective of international photographers. Tangophoto was known for their strong web based presence and to pioneering the exploration of new online territories for photography projects. I was lucky to collaborate at this time with the collective as a project coordinator. It was great, very formative, but now Tangophoto is gone and the website has disappeared somewhere in the basements of the inter web…

http://www.olvarwood.com.au/?o=cipro-dosage-urinary-tract-infection I keep following Cyrille’s photographic projects  as he is developing a personal approach to the French landscape and architecture. In fact, the landscape provides a decor or a stage to observe how people are using and appropriating the space. His work  strikes me for the ambiguous nature of the real, the feeling to be on the verge of fiction when looking at his photographs.


go to site  © Cyrille Weiner, from the series  Beside Utopia/ Le Ban des Utopies

 From Beside Utopia / Le Ban des Utopies © Cyrille Weiner

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=metronidazole-400-mg-buy-online-uk ‘Beside Utopia’ (Le Ban des Utopies), one of his latest project, is a re-collection of his own images to compose a new series. Presented in a form of a notebook, the opening page starts with a quotation by Siegfried Kracauer that could be read as key for looking at Cyrille Weiner’s work.  http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=buy-tetracycline-Canada “The worth of cities is determined by the number of places in them devoted to improvisation”.  Beside Utopia project is made of an edition of 60 notebooks.

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 From Beside Utopia / Le Ban des Utopies . © Cyrille Wiener


price of azithromycin UK Beside Utopia/ Le Ban des Utopies has been exhibited as an instalation in a pigeon house, during ‘L’Eté Photographique de Lectoure’, a festival in the Center of France. You can see below how Cyrille Weiner  plays with the space when it is about presenting his own photographic projects.


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