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Maxime Milanesiand Claire Schvartz also known as the founding duo of Editions FP&CF are active players of the photo- zine scene with their publishing house based in Paris. They publish the participative fanzine TELL MUM EVERYTHING IS OK showing the work of various contributors from Europe, the Uk, the US. As an avid collector of their lovely publications of photographs, I asked them to share some thoughts about photo-zines “à la française”:

What inspired you to set up Editions FP&CF

FP&CF : We were evolving around the French drawing scene who was very active in making zines. The zines by the collective Modele Puissance for example inspired us to publish our first collective zine of drawings. When looking for fanzines publishing photography in France,  they was nothing besides DIY printed on Xerox …But then came the first fanzines produced by JSBJ. We started to produce our own photo- zine Tell Mum Everything Is OK in 2009, with the aim to do a collective publication and to give a visibilty to young photographers whose work we liked and discovered on the internet.



How do you select the works to be published in the Tell Mum?

FP&CF:  The project is based on open call for participation posted on a Flickr group. There is a different theme with each issue. At a point we had received 500 submissions per day! From this flow of images, the pre-selection has to be drastic because somehow the quality of the works didn’t always fit our expectations and sensibility. The editing is a step by step process, we start the editing with an intuitive approach and then the layout gives the frame to build a narrative. At the end the editing and the design are the result of a collaboratiion between both of us.



Tell Mum has been successful, out of the zine scene.The third issue was selected by Larissa Leclair the founder of the Indie Photobook library in Photo-Eye’s best book of 2010. After publishing the fifth issues last November you have decided to take a break from the publication. Why?

FP&CF: We came to realize that the basis of open submissions has reached its own limits. That is why we took a new approach with Issues #4 and #5, in directly asking for contribution from photographers. But at the same time, this shift is questioning the basis of open submssion which is a fundamental part of the project. After two years and five issues we must step back to give the project a new breath . We are also concentrating on new FP&CF publications…

What are your next projects?

FP&CF: We are working on new set of drawing zines and on an exciting project with a photographer we had discovered on Flickr. He is an amateur who has amazing black and white negatives archives from the 70’s and 80’s. We are currently collaborating with him on the layout for a photo book to be released in May 2012.

 Editions FP&CF

 Claire Schvartz

 Maxime Milanesi