À la France – Mathieu Lambert

   Stage set, Warner bros studio, Los Angeles, 2011


Next month, I’ll have a table at Paper view art book fair in Brussels shared with Mathieu Lambert. So, if you don’t know him yet let me introduce you to this young french fresh and fancy photograph. Mathieu Lambert’s work is not even graphically interesting, but his pictures also give the impression that’s he’s always here at the good moment taken the best part of the situations. In fact, he likes to put in tension real and fiction, common places and sceneries what push him to move also sometimes to installation.


   The Falls, Superput minigolf, Niagara Falls, ON. 2011 / Hollidays part of  Perfect Hollidays serie. 2011
   & below Greetings from subburb!,  Postcards 10×15. 2011  

   Révérence, Collapse of DEF towers in Vitry S/ Seine, 2011

Mathieu Lambert always had an interest for edition working for exemple with French Fourch or contributing in experimental publications. Recently he co-founded with Sylvain Martet – Matmos Press -, a publishing house based for the time being in Montreal.

With Matmos Press, we try to orientate our choices to books which questions pictures in general with a particular interest for the double interpretation (like with FAT from Eric Tabuchi, or Eurobus from Taylor Holland which is at the border from photography and graphic design). We mainly want to make artist book editions (monograph) but also embellish the catalog of collective projects where we’ll got a curatorial job more than an editor’s one.