À La France – Roundup

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=amoxil-order-online-UK A la France month has come to an end, and what a past 4 weeks it has been, we have had so many greats posts,  the guest bloggers have treated us to a host of intriguing  artists, we have had amazing videos, interviews and of course images to scroll endlessly through.

click So it is only right and proper that we round up this month with a quick glance back at what we have seen over the past 30 days!

enter site get link Clara Prioux

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zithromax price without insurance Clara Prioux posts have been a major hit, writing in both French and English she gave great insights into the artists she choose to blog. Little interviews always accompanied the inspirational imagery. We strongly suggest you get clicking and see what she wrote about the following artists:

ciprofloxacin interaction with xanax Laetitia Gorsy – Eric TabuchiBaptiste PerrinMarine Peixoto

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=buy-ciprofloxacin-in-Bursa-Turkey Clara even got a post of her own by fellow guest blogger Laetitia, well worth a look.


ciprofloxacin used for what bacteria Sebastien Chou


You never knew what you were getting next with a Sebastien Chou post, and I loved that. We were treated to his moving image work that you just have to watch because it’s a little tricky to be explained and we also got glimpses of his photographic work (above).  Sweet stuff Seb, keep it up! Now go watch a wierd and wonderful video…

MacromadePurity SupremeA few million more or less stolen wor(l)dsDunder Head


see url Fanny Schlichter


Fanny Schlichter post were short and sweet, a nice little intro then bam an injection of imagery on the selected artist she chose to blog. They are an interesting insight into a designers eye,  I saw these post as sketch books to her personal work. Real sharp. Check out the artists she posted…

Melchior Tersen – David Fanfani/ Maxime Guyon – Guillaume Maraud – Camille Holtz


source Nathalie Belayche



Nathalie Belayche brought us some brilliant exclusive interviews and most notable with publishers RVB Books and FP&CP, definitely well worth a read for all those book lovers out there. As well as publisher Nathalie looked at a couple of artists, every post she did is worth another look, here they are…

Edition FP&CPRVB BooksCyrille WeinerGabriel Jones 


source link Laetitia Gorsy 


We love Laetitia Gorsy, her style, enthusiasms and choice of artist encapsulates the Wandering Bears ethos. Every week we got excited to see what artist she would talk to. Check out all her posts because the work will inspire you. Thankyou for all your energy Laetitia!

Mathieu Lambert – Thomas MaliaenderClara Prioux

 Laetitia also got her own post, go find out about her books


click David Mucelli 

And finally we had David Mucelli digging through his archive and presenting us with small edits of work. His gazeur approach provided a refreshing break and some photographic gems. Take a look at his 4 part series….




Once again a massive thankyou very much to our amazing guest bloggers, hopefully see you again soon!