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here Below is a selection of work from Andrew Lewicki, A mix of photography, installation and strangely usable but then unusable sculpture. I am often unsure about sculptural work, I am interested by the process of construction and then it being photographed either in a gallery or outdoor location but I think that seeing them in person is less interesting to me. It’s all about the photograph, maybe I’m missing something.


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get link Concrete Lego (2010)
15.5″ x 7.75″ x 5.5″
installation variable

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metronidazole interactions with antibiotics Untitled Concrete Painting (2005)
concrete, stainless steel
42″ x 54″ x 2.5″

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cost of antibiotics with insurance Accordion Obscura (2010)
accordion treble keyboard, bellows, 4×5 camera front standard
dimensions variable  

doxycycline cheap Canada One Liner (2010)
mattress, Line-X truck bed-liner
75″ x 53″ x 9.5″

see Gold-Plated Skate Rail (2007)
gold-plated steel
20″ x 96″ x 4″


Graffiti Buff on Linen (2006)
primer, linen, poplar
40″ x 50″ x 3″


y=x² (2010)
plywood, douglas fir, black pipe
16′ x 13′ x 8′


Concrete Oranges (2010)
concrete, pine
12.5″ x 26.25″ x 11.25″