Blog – Clara Prioux To conclude our wonderful 500th celebrations with have a nice little series (work in progress) from Wandering Bears favourite Clara Prioux. We would like to say a massive thankyou to all the talented artists, curators and writers that have made the 500th post(s) a very enjoyable one! Here’s to the 1000th post, keep them coming…

see url Sculptures et objets is a project I am working on at the moment. The space I chose to explore with these photos is a section of the Louvre museum in Paris. I was interested and fascinated by the different statuses of the objects displayed in the space and the layers of meaning created by their juxtaposition. I started photographing this space to work towards an understanding of its nature, through the making of images.

go site Objects that share the same function don’t necessarily share the same status. For instance, the original pedestals are considered part of the sculpture and a newer pedestal is added, one that keeps its functional role, to support both the sculpture and the original pedestal. On the other hand, benches that are centuries old are still meant to be sat down on and share the same function than the modern chair the guardians sit on all day. This is what I want to question in taking photographs. This space is a space where we can get a sense of our humanity. Marble human figures merging with marble walls and floors, in a humble arrangement. It is a space where our History is protected but not separated from us, a space that allows us to exist in our present and therefore, that enables the objects and the statues to keep their reality.

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