Blog – Eileen Quinlan

go At the beginning of 2013 we noticed a seemingly odd new trend appearing at WB HQ, the mass arrival of institution’s ‘photographic talent tips’ for the impending year. I recently discovered Eileen Quinlan’s work through‘s list of ‘Photographers to Watch in 2013‘, hosting a number of exciting talents that have previously featured on the Wandering Bears pages. Admittedly, a very USA heavy compilation of both familiar and new names, for me, Quinlan’s name represented the most outstanding. A style akin to names like Lucas Blalock, Thomas Albdorf and to an extent Sam Falls, Quinlan’s photographs are a varying muse of aesthetic puzzles and visually exciting shapes and tones. Eileen Quinlan will be a photographer to watch, but confidently not solely restricted to the year of 2013.

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