Blog / Hollie Brown It seems to me there is a bit of a photographic movement going down in Texas. We have featured some really interesting artists from that area of late and here is another in the form of Hollie Brown.  I know little about this series other then the title ‘Long Time To Forget’. I am drawn to the simple aesthetics of this work, with the title in mind I feel these images are part of a process, a process that is revisiting a particular moment in time. Despite the obvious control within the image, they just want to break loose. The narrative that creeps in is quickly eradicated depending in which order you view theses. I would love to carry on but I feel this is not a completed project as of yet. I would also love to know if what I just said made any sense, feel free to let me know Hollie. Great work, look forward to seeing lots more. source site  


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