Blog / James Clarkson

A mixture of painting and sculpture from James Clarkson. I am unsure as to the nature of calling images with Photoshop brushes over the top is actually classified as ‘Painting’ or if I would have been so interested in his work if it was a physical painting in a gallery setting with ‘real’ brush strokes over the top but thats the wonder of the internet. Having only graduated in 2010, Clarkson looks like he working his socks off to produce some awesome work.

Currently showing work at S1 Artspace, Sheffield, until the 14 Jan.

Hepworth Composite, 2011


Mategot Composite, 2011


Cristofol Composite, A Static Volume, 2011


Noguchi Composite, Endless Coupling, 2011


Slip Trail, 2011, concrete, metal, rubber, paint


Ordering of Colour and Form, 2010, light, rubber, metal, concrete, wood, paint


Accompaniment Piece, 2011, metal, plastic, paint