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can I take amoxil and prenatal vitamins at same time Browsing the wonderful Tremendous Family‘s pages this morning, I came across the work of New York based Joshua Citarella, and more¬†significantly his series Combination Game. Having only briefly looked at Joshua’s photography in the past (due to its context in the ever disposable ffffound), this time around, his latest series provided a great wealth of visual and intelectual stimulation. The seemingly simple mix of still life and portraiture offers a journey of varying subjects, colours and forms. Citarella’s work offers a new adaptation on the relationship between photography and photoshop, with the digital manipulation software playing an integral part within his visual language. Unable to offer a conclusive¬†reasoning, I find this approach to photography a hugely exciting method and one with endless potential. See also, Kate Steciw, Lucas Blalock, Jordan Tate, Andrey Bogush.¬†Joshua is also a talented curator, check out his PSD Show.




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