Blog / Maja Daniels

The first in a series of posts from WB’s Ruth George, she would like to introduce Maji Daniels, a Swedish born documentary photographer who now resides in London after living in Paris for 6 years.

Introducing her project ‘Christiania’

‘Christiania is the Western world’s longest existing alternative society, an autonomous community in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. Ruled according to codes outside of conventional law and order, Christiania is a self-proclaimed ‘Freetown’, governed by its own organization.’ – Maji Daniels

I’ve had a hankering to visit Copenhagen for some time and after reading that Christiania’s Freetown offers guided tours for tourists I am SOLD. This place looks amazing.

You can see more photos of what goes down in Christiania here I highly recommend taking a look as the backing track makes a nice accompaniment to the photographs.