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azithromycin price 250mg We caught up with Max Marshall on his latest photographic series. The Poetic Species explores the instinctive human bond with other species. The series is shaped by naturalist E. O. Wilson’s “Biophilia Hypothesis“, which explains man’s tendency to focus on living things is innate and has been informed by our evolution. All photographs in the series were made in New York City.

amoxicillin cost USIn previous series, I focused on man’s impossible attempt to recreate or mimic nature. However with this latest series, I set out to make completely natural, beautiful photographs (all within arguably the most urban place on earth). I set out to make images in the same mode as early scientific journals, or illustrative plates in Darwin’s notebooks.┬áThis is what informs the vertically oriented, 4×5 crop, extremely scientific and straight-forward depictions of nature. The locations of the photos vary from zoos, aquariums, pet stores, to parks, bodegas, street corners, etc. It was important to me that the images be presented on an equal playing field.’  


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