Blog – Monki

It’s been a while since I last contributed to the Wandering Bears, but with Nik jaunting in Japan, I will be stepping into his shoes. Working as a picture editor is making me battle between the art and commercial worlds. I am always lured towards new photography that dips its toe into unfamiliar waters, but the ache of ‘commercial appeal’ and pressure from advertising is inevitable. However the rare glimmer of when a piece of work crosses both of these paths is beautiful. While researching for a new treatment to fashion still life for the mass market, I flicked through the high street store Monki’s seasonal magazine. It’s exciting to see a name like Rachel De Joode, whose distinctive still life work fascinates me every time I look. This, alongside Armin Zogbaum’s practiced eye for placing product into delectable settings makes for a wonderful read. More consumer magazines should take a leaf from the Scandinavian Monki, to embrace local emerging photographers and inject some fun into this watery fashion market.  /