Blog / Oliver Helfrich Oliver Helfrich is a designer and sculpture from the Netherlands, I’m not to sure how I came across his work but I like it, mixing photography, sculpture and science knowhow Helfrich explains his work “After working for several major Dutch design companies before he started his design office for books, newspapers and other dead media. His work is exploring the borders between analogue and digital processes as well as the correlation between design and crafts.” Science Fair

watch “Science lessons are concerned, above all, with the recognition and relationship of structures. Many times the objects of a scientist’s attention are too small to be observed directly, or they may be inaccessible for direct visual study, as would be the case for the center of the Earth or the surface of a distant galactic object. It is necessary for scientists to develop models as they probe the secrets of nature.” Material: plaster, polyester, wood
size: 30 – 60cm  


watch Minerals, Rocks and Other Prescous Stones

go to site “Mineralogy is crucial to understanding the world around us, including how our planet evolved and what might happen to it in the future. This series presents the marvels of a hidden world.” Material: plaster, polyester, wood
size: 30 – 60cm

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