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click here Why Photography, Why do you take pictures? I sent this to 11 contemporary photographers whose work I’ve particularly enjoyed recently.

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source Daniel Shea –  “I still think there are new photographic languages to be discovered.”


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cost of azithromycin Singapore Peter Sutherland“It’s a way to explore even in a place you already know.”

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Ed Panar – “Because there are certain moments when photography makes time travel seem possible.”



Bryan Schutmaat – “Photography fills my days and often my nights with work that makes me feel better about how I’ve spent my time on earth.”



Mark Borthwick – “Lovelight.”



Shane Lavalette – “To look, more severely.”


Mark Mahaney – “I take pictures because I’m bad at drawing and painting.”



Estelle Hanania – “A quest for the epiphany.”

Osma Harvilahti – “Photography allows me to do fun things that could otherwise be considered as ridiculous, absurd, dangerous, adventurous or forbidden.”



Christian Patterson – “I enjoy photography in part because of the way it provokes different feelings and experiences of fact, fiction, myth, reality and dreams.”


David Favrod – “A need to understand and escape.


Rob Hornstra – “I believe photography is a great medium to raise questions about the society in which we live. /