Blog – Rise of the Instagram

With the rise of Instagram and it’s addictive nature, I thought it a good idea to take a look at 10 artists using this social media platform and ask them why Instagram? So here we have it 10 artists you should probably go and follow…if you have Instagram that is.


click here @Davidbrandongeeting – posts: 1449 Followers : 771 Following : 544

low price augmentin online Who to follow?  @gangculture @jasonnocito666 @priscillajeong


follow do antibiotics interfere with trying to conceive Why Instagram? ‘Instagram is insanely fun to use. I am more carefree with it than I am with my ‘actual work’, but I still take pride in a good post. I don’t know, it has got a certain vibe, it’s real raw (unless you use filters >.<) and fast paced, I appreciate the honesty of it all, and I can tell when someone was real excited by the moment they caught. I get excited too.’


zithromax cheapest price Why @davidbrandongeeting?  ‘There seems to be a tight knit community amongst the US photographers often @ing each other in their photos. David is a fun Instagramer and I enjoy his late night Instagram antics along with his everyday observations.’
 @Femmingovebech: posts: 250 Followers  339 Following:334


click here Who to follow? @jasonnocito666 @grantwilling @petersutherland go to site Why Instagram? ‘I find Instagram refreshingly unassuming – lighter and more spontaneous than Facebook and Tumblr. The fact that you just ‘follow’ someone instead of pretending to be a ‘friend’ is appealing to me – you just get the good stuff, a torrent of fun and interesting images, without the changes in relationship status and what’s someone’s mom happens to think about some miscellaneous bullshit. And no adds, Yes!’


order doxycycline online Canada Why @flemmingovebech? ‘With a graphic eye at his disposal Flemming will often provide his followers with a close up visual treat. One of my favourites has to be ‘2007 called – they want their bike back.’
 @Jakewkenny:  cipro interaction with keppra posts: 60 Followers: 74 Following:111 


follow site Who to follow? @tempster_returns @annarosejay @Charlieengman and all time favourite @maximus_pumba Why Instagram? ‘I’m pretty new to the Instagram game so at the moment it’s just a new thing for me to look at. Before I got it I thought it was all cats and food but now I think it can be a pretty useful tool for a photographer. Just to use as a little diary on their phone or to use as a behind the scenes when people are on proper shoots.’


Why @jakewkenny? ‘With a serious understated amount of followers, I’m sure this will all change once Jake kenny’s Instagram catches on. With plenty of dogs tied up outside shops and snippets of his life why wouldn’t you follow him?’





@Nikrolasposts: 49 Followers: 94 Following:28 


Who to follow? @tomlerouss @veeveefauve @wanderingbears


Why Instagram? ‘I like it because it’s very spontaneous and fast to upload: you see something, you like it, you shoot it, you post it, that’s it!’


Why @nikrolas? ‘Another talented photographer pops up on the Instagram radar and this time it’s Swiss photographer Nico Haeni. An insight into to his fashion shoots and the odd hilarious self portrait, get following.’




@Brendansambaker: posts: 419 Followers: 252 Following:209


Who to follow? @gangculture @dismagazine @polstyle


Why Instagram? ‘It has more to say then Twitter’


Why @brendansambaker? ‘A fan of the white borders Brendan’s Instagram stream has a great consistency. From parties to studio shoots and big ass rats this Instagram stream is solid viewing.’




@Heyangella – posts: 2032 Followers  448 Following: 218 


Who to follow? @juliamleonard @seanlemoine @napkinapocalypse


Why Instagram? ‘Most of the people I follow on Instagram are people whose work I love already in real life. I love using Instagram because I get to follow fellow creatives and get behind the scenes looks at their projects and their lives. I love following small shops/companies, museums, galleries and studios aswell. Instagram is a great way to take note and communicate meaningfully; it’s like showing your sketchbook to friends, I mostly follow friends and people whose feeds inspire me. It’s so easy to get annoyed with people via social media and by carefully selecting who’s images I ingest is a great way to manage my media consumption. Social media is a tool and it’s power rest in how you use it.’


Why @heyangella? ‘Bolstering a huge amount of posts, I always enjoy an Angella snap, I don’t know whether it’s her sweet grey cat or just the California sun that just makes everything look so appealing.’





@198d posts: 585 Followers  484 Following: 404


Who to follow? @kevinruss @jamesfrancotv @village_leeds


Why Instagram? I like instagram as it’s quick and easy, I always have my phone on me so whatever I see I can shoot and edit on my phone in a matter of seconds. Although it does seem to make me a little lazy when it comes to using my real camera!’


Why @198d?A classy Instagrammer, if your looking to follow someone who is going to provide you with some beautiful images this is your guy.’



@Shanelavalette – posts: 106 Followers: 346 Following: 251 


Who to follow? @gianunzio @noelry @amyelkinsphoto @lightworkorg


Why Instagram? ‘Instant experiments.’


Why @shanelavalette? ‘Exclusively in black & white, nice. This guy needs no introduction, simply pointing him out for a quick follow. Oh and the fact that his Instagram are really nice to look at.’




@Nicokrijno – posts:503 Followers:989 Following: 360


Who to follow? @laurenhillebrandt @rickerfmann @sergeykostromin


Why Instagram? ‘I use Instagram I guess for the same reasons as everyone else…as a casual way to catalogue my daily observations – and also to document my process in the studio ..i’ve put it off for quite a while – (cos I had a shitty phone) – if you’re not just shooting selfies of your abs – Instagram can be really fun.’


Why @nicokrijno? ‘The colourful world of Nico’s world spills over into his Instagram feed, a machine of idea and inspiration, closing in on his 1000th follower, hope he drops something special for it!’





@Lukeandnik – posts: 175 Followers: 223 Following: 268 


Who to follow? @novembremagazine @stephenjacuss @jakewkenny


Why Instagram? ‘Instagram is fast and an easy fix, it’s fun seeing if other people like or sometimes not your photos. We like it’s dispensableness  it’s a place where in the past these pictures would just remain unseen on dusty old memory cards.’  


Why @lukeandnik? ‘Two phones, two different places, Luke & Nik have fun posting random snaps and glimpses of new works.’



@Wanderingbears – posts: 57 Followers: 300 Following: 110 


Who to follow? ‘All of the above.’


Why @wanderingbears? ‘THE most obvious follow on this list of Instagramers surely. It took us a while to decide what to do with our feed, but we have decided to dedicated our Instagram to #wbjourneys. Anyone can submit, all you have to do is #wbjourneys and # us the name of the place you have taken the photo. Simples.’