Blog – Taisuke Koyama

enter Remember those guys in your art class who still in their final year were trying to take cropped in photographs of objects and materials close up in an attempt to “remove them from their original context, making their re-contextualisation…. blah blah blah,” snooze- fest. Well it turns out, it is possible that exciting images can be produced from this simple approach and Japanese photographer Taisuke Koyama takes this to another level. Never have I come across a website and felt so spoilt by the visuals infront of me. The following images are all from the 2006 series Entropix. No doubt we will post Taisuke’s work again soon enough, but then again how could we not when he has ‘Melting Rainbows’ for seconds. see url   amoxicillin cost without insurance   antibiotics purchase UK go to site go site   how can I buy amoxicillin   buy azithromycin online Dubai

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