Blog USA / Benford Lepley

I sat down with Benford Lepley this week, and together we perused his hard-drive of pictures and videos, all beautifully untouched by the blogosphere and the internet at large.┬áThere’s some heart-stopping kind of stuff in there, swear to god, but Benford’s work doesn’t really belong on a blog (it belongs on walls and in books), and I already broke all my show-and-tell rules last week with my post about Marlo Pascual. Instead, Benford and I decided we’d do a special little collaboration, ‘specially for you.

So, here are some pictures Ben took over the weekend of his dad playing the piano, accompanied by drawings I made in response. I think we can all agree there is something very compelling about the way his dad connects with his music.

Benford has a great tumblr going with Pete Halupka called Funny Tree that you can follow HERE.

Fun side-note: Benford’s dad and I wear the same glasses, he with much more panache.