Blog USA / Early Halloween I’ve been slaving over art grant proposals this past week, and, as you might suspect, numero uno of any winning bid is the inevitable and impossible Artist’s Statement.

generic antibiotics cost “Please explain why you chose to do this with your life and not something more fiscally responsible (200 words or less)”


go to link I think I’ve written and rewritten my statement about a million times, and one thing that keeps inserting itself is the fact that, whatever else I might be (like, an indecisive writer), I am definitely not a documentary photographer. I’m a shapes-n-colors kind of guy, not a this-is-me-this-is-us kind of guy, you know what I mean? source site But. well, shit. It’s Halloween next week. Halloween in New York City, the best American holiday in the best American city. If only my statement could somehow accommodate work like “Self Portrait as Undead Beyonce, Halloween 2011″…

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follow url So, for my last post here on Wandering Bears, in a baby step of artistic clemency, I present to you Halloween pics from a shapes-n-color kind of perspective. You’ll note I gracefully restrained myself to only one Elvira picture.


taking augmentin while pregnant It’s been real.

enter site (and credit where credit is due: the b/w arm with knife is by Bruce Davidson, the red backlit hand is by Bobby Doherty, the black hand is by Estelle Hanania, the gelatinous blob is by Ulya Kimaeva, dirty teeth is by Jaimie Warren, and Celine is by Ben Acree. The rest are google mysteries. Another mystery is what black orange Fanta tastes like.)

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