Blog USA / Randy P. Martin

When I found Randy P. Martin‘s photographs, I was smitten. Eerie but endearing, the subjects of his work seem caught between worlds and exude an adventurer’s charm.

Likewise, the scenes he captures are as pastoral as they are exotic; they’re young, with a wise spirit about them and absolutely gorgeous. His composition is precise, which lends to the mystical quality of his narrative debunking the myth that all travel photographs are good if only because the scenes are eccentric or foreign.

Martin is definitely on the go, but he’s someone to keep your eye on. Please enjoy the dreamlike world of Randy P. Martin.

Where in the world are you and how did you get there?
I’m currently based out of Chicago, Illinois where I live with two of my best friends. A year and a half ago I called Austin, Texas my home until I got rid of everything I owned beside the pack on my back and boarded a flight with a one way ticket to India. After returning to the states late last year I floated around southern California for a while devising a way to spend the winter in Hawaii. Plans fell through last minute, the lady on my mind all day every day for months was living in Chicago at the time, and I just got on a plane and came. 10 months later I’m amazed I’m still here. In a really good place. Gearing up for yet another 5 months of freezing snowy hell.

How does traveling affect your work as a photographer?
It is my work. I almost definitely would not own a camera if I still lived in the town where I grew up.

Which is your favorite film and/or camera to work with?
In India, I was picking up these four packs of southeast Asian generic Fuji knockoff film for something like a dollar fifty a pack. Most of my images from that trip were shot with this film and I haven’t got a bad thing to say about my experience with it except for that I should’ve bought more to bring home. The only two cameras I currently own are 35mm point and shoots. The Yashica T5 is my go to and a bright yellow waterproof Canon called the Aqua Snappy from the late 80’s is my backup.

What first drew you to photography? Who are some of your favorite emerging photographers?
The documentary potential of photography is the only reason I got interested and the only thing that keeps me shooting. Looking back on archived images from years ago might be my favorite thing to do ever. A couple of photographers I keep a tight watch on these days are Marlon Geller and Luke Byrne.

Randy P. Martin is a photographer based out of Chicago with a terminal case of wanderlust.