Blog USA / SNEEZE and ‘SUP Magazine

Hey I’m Morgan Tepsic, and here are two of my favorite magazines at the moment. Don’t think, just buy up as many copies of these zines and thank me later.


SNEEZE magazine is a Vancouver/NYC based magazine focusing on skateboard culture/whatever the hell else that looks simply dope and blown up poster-size.

The covers are mainly shot with film, and the graininess really shows up close, which gives it an authentic and unmatched feel from any magazine I’ve checked out.

At $4 a copy, it’s hard to pass up, and trust me, you don’t want to do that.


‘SUP MAGAZINE (est.1998) intimately documents music culture. Each issue is a digest of what’s happening in contemporary music from around the world. The casual Q&A interview style invites the reader to participate in the conversation and the partnership between editorial and art direction is what makes ‘SUP a music magazine with a unique aesthetic.

‘SUP is a unique experience and has the perfect blend of visuals and writing that engages the reader throughout the entire issue. I really wish they would publish more than twice a year, it’s too good! $7 for a thick zine containing some of the best artists around the globe.

das racist for sup magazine

das racist for sup magazine

these are two of my favorite zines, they inspire me every time I check them out and look sick as hell on your coffee table and in your hands.

See ya next week