#BPF / Anna Jay – Blink

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=does-milk-interact-with-doxycycline Hello I’m Anna, curator/photographer based in the South-West. Earlier this year I founded an organisation called Blink, where my aim is to explore new ways of communicating and displaying photography in publication.¬†Currently I am curating events for the BPF Open ’11, and settling in at Wandering Bears for 4 weeks.


source This year’s Photo Fringe Open ’11 brought together a great bunch of artists internationally. The work submitted presented a whole variety of approaches and styles, and once I saw these submissions a month ago I have been wanting to lay my hands on them since! Get ready for BPF artists, Blink style edit..




source link All work by the BPF Open 11 artists, who can be found here. Images have been changed from their original form

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http://actiononaccess.org/?c=antibiotic-amoxicillin-price Anna Jay / Blink