#BPF / Kevin Beck – A Book Show

With only one day till our photobook show in Brighton here are a selection of books from the show:


Bruno Quinquet

Aya Takada

Julián Barón

Human Endeavour


Ewen Spencer

Peter Edwards

Simon Norfolk

Pierre Bessard

Davi Russo


Lucy Steggals

Stuart Griffiths

Opening Night this Friday 6-9pm @Workflow Studio

A the first in a series of exhibitions which focus on the hand-made and self-published photobook. We will be opeing the doors at Workflow Studio for the weekend this Friday evening 6-9pm.

On display will be a great selection of over 50 books by emerging and established photographic artists (see above) for you too look through. Tea and cider will flow gratis, but feel free to bring a couple of tins!

See you all there.