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Selection of Inspiring Photobooks:



Paloma al aire by Ricardo Cases, the best photography book this year. This book is the reason I publish books, with only 500 English copies printed better get yours soon. There is also a nice internet version of the book with a different edit and a sound track also worth a look.


Books I Collect


Colour Library of step by step cookery – International Meat Cookery.

Flower Arranging by Joyce Rogers, the colour in these books are amazing a lost treasure. Had to do a flat bed scan, you cant see the double page spread but the colour come through better than a photograph.


Self Publishing

Recent publication by my independent publishing company bottlingfruit.co.uk. I was going to embed the videos but having a bit of a problem, click on the image to watch the video on my site.

Photography by Dan Epthorp. This guy is on another level when it comes to photographing people in Tokyo streets, he left for a 3 month trip its now been 3+ years.


This is one of mine printed at a really helpful company: The Newspaper Club – I have a load to give away for free so drop me an email if you want one.

This is from another amazing photographer I know Jess Smith we have been using MagCloud to print these really cool magazine like publications, this one is from his trip to Japan. Jess also has some really cool digital photos but keeps them hidden from the internet.


Currently Reading


Last Si-fi book I Read


Books on Books

Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s By Ivan Vartanian and Ryuichi Kaneko’s

If you love classic Japanese photobooks but are not old enough to have been around when they where published and don’t have the stupid amounts of money to spend on them then like me buy this book, really nice look in to the photobook in the 60s 70s Japan. With some nice texts. Ivan has also recently recreated a show that Daido Moriyama first held back in the 70s I think. I wont say any more just watch this video;

That is it this time but next week I will be looking at some books from a book show I have been working on in Brighton A Photobook Show