#BPF / Nadege Meriau – Interesting Discoveries

can you buy doxycycline over the counter in UK It’s been a week of interesting discoveries.

http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=can-I-take-antibiotics-with-antidepressants On Tuesday I met up with photographer Liz Orton whose work Splitters and Lumpers was recently selected for the Hereford Festival.

source Her beautiful photographs of plants waiting to be classified in between newspaper and cardboard evoke a new kind of stratigraphy where layers of man-made and organic materials are superposed to create a mille-feuille of culture and nature.

go here Verbenaceae Southern slopes of Tsaratanana Massif, Marotolana. About 1 mile from the road, beyond farmed land. Madagascar. 14° 02′ 53″ S 48° 57″ 04″ E. 2300 meters

http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=cheaper-alternative-to-doxycycline-hyclate Syzygium Guineense, Myrtaceae The eastern side of the reserve, in disturbed forest, near the road leading from Kalabakan. 1956. Pensiangan, Sabah, Malaysia. 4° 32′ N 116° 52′ E at 773 meters

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=buy-zithromax-500mg-Canada Ficus Megaleia, Moraceae Luasong Centre, Malaysia. Extensive deforestation from logging. Some flooding of river delta. 1977

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see url Two days later I came across the work of  Miles Umney at the Brighton Photo Fringe graduates crit. His ability to slow time down, to create stillness within the moving image, results in mesmerizing works that provoke reflections on being and nothingness.

follow link Mountains

click here 45.59.56.N 112.31.27W 30.10.1966

http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=order-azithromycin-online-Canada To see Miles video work please go to www.milesumney.com


go On that same evening, Eleanor Farmer presented her exquisite book about blood, a collection of texts and images exploring one of the most powerful human symbols across the arts, popular culture, biology, medicine, and forensic science. By inviting us to look at what she calls a circulation of curiosities Eleanor tames our instinctive fear of the red fluid.

go here Open heart surgery, Papworth hospital, Cambridge

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=buy-augmentin-in-Poland Sumatran Short-tailed Python, Python curtus curtus