#BPF / Nadege Meriau – Tribute to the Bears

The Wandering Bears have kept me intrigued throughout the BPF, not just with their name but also because they combine physical elusiveness with a strong online presence. They are both dispersed and focused. On the opening night we wanted to meet them, all full of our own expectations and anticipation, but only one made an appearance. The fascination with the bears continues.

Ursa Major constellation ( Great Bear or The Plough)


‘The five central stars of the Great Bear (or The Plough) show very similar motions in space, a hint that they form a physical association or maybe even an open star cluster, the closest cluster known” ( www.allthesky.com)

The Bears, Hannah Starkey, 2002

The Red Bears, Chauvet Cave, Ice Age Paleolithic Cave Painting

Sleeper ,Film by Mark Wallinger 2005


The Film Sleeper features the artist  dressed as a bear wandering  through an Art Gallery in Berlin:

“As a bear I don’t claim any special knowledge. Only that which I have experienced and how it lead me here (…). The secret of a successful hibernation is a matter of provisions and a plausible disguise. At night I am examined for authenticity, during the day I pass unnoticed. The bears in the zoo are the last of their kind, as they are no longer allowed to breed.” Mark Wallinger, 2005


(Photo: Reuters / Elvira Veksler) People watch a melting ice polar bear by sculptor Mark Coreth at Circular Quay in central Sydney June 5, 2011

Vintage Postcard of Goldilocks and the 3 bears, 1913

Grizzly Man, Documentary Film by Werner Herzog, 2005

This film documents the life of Timothy Treadwell, an eco warrior , environmentalist and documentary film maker who preferred bears to humans, and ended up being killed by them.