#BPF / Pedro Ramos – Gerhard Richter

http://www.crystalcitymo.org/?c=buy-ciprofloxacin-UK-online Gerhard Richter’s Atlas is my favourite photobook even though many won’t event classify it as one.

source link Richter (b.1932, Germany) started collecting images early in his career, maybe influenced by his job as a darkroom assitant. He started by collecting his own (mainly black and white) photographs and some others donated by friends.

order zithromax 500mg online The Atlas includes amateur snapshots which he once infamously referred to being “(…) more beautiful than a Cezanne.”, images taken from newspapers and magazines as well as sketches for paintings, installations, colour fields and colour charts. He only had one criterion for exclusion: strictly no art photography.

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=amoxil-buy-US-online I find the content of this book so inspiring and so many times stop and wonder if other contemporary artists have “borrowed” something from it. It seems like for every few pages I flip I can find a connection between some of these images and the works of celebrated practitioners of our time.

cipro price 500mg The unpretentiousness and humanity of its content are in my opinion the characteristics that set Atlas apart from many other photography books.

click here It’s not the easiest title to find but fortunately its content is entirely online. Below are some of my favourite sheets:

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source link Newspaper & Album photographs, 1962-66, 51.7 cm x 66.7 cm, Atlas sheet 5

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buy zithromax 250mg Canada Volker Bradke, 1966, 66.7 cm x 51.7 cm, Atlas sheet 26


cost of azithromycin Australia Photograph Sections (BMW), 1973, 51.7 cm x 66.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 100

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click Cities, 1968, 51.7 cm x 66.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 109


Landscapes, 1969, 51.7 cm x 36.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 177

Seascapes, 1972, 51.7 cm x 36.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 200

Plants, 1969, 51.7 cm x 73.5 cm, Atlas Sheet 305

Greenland, 1972, 51.7 cm x 73.5 cm, Atlas Sheet 352

Apples and Bottle, 1984, 66.7 cm x 51.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 443

Niagara Falls, 1988, 51.7 cm x 66.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 464

Sabine, 1993, 51.7 cm x 36.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 578

S. with Moritz, 1995, 51.7 cm x 66.7 cm, Atlas Sheet 603


Gerhard Richter – Atlas