#BPF / WB Meets Brighton Photo Fringe Debate Time

On Monday we posted the 6th installment from our WB X BPF debate series featuring artist and University of Plymouth lecturer / tutor Stephen Vaughan. Stephen’s question follows…?

“How can photography demonstrate a more profound engagement amidst the superficial flow of the contemporary image world?”



As with every debate posed from our contributors we were overwhelmed with the response and feedback this project has received so far! Once again we have included some of our favourite replies to Stephen’s question:


@natalie_l_lloyd – ‘By acting as a vessel through which communities can share their visions on common issues and goals.’

@anton_Want – ‘By being honest, and not hiding behind art rhetoric.’

@ourworldmyeye – ‘Editing and contextualisation of images – anyone can take a photo, but to edit a series to convey a coherent message is an art.’

@peterainsworth – ‘Engage with the system that it is being created in so that the images have a secondary layer of relevance.’

@sunilphotocom – ‘Using context and supplementary material and information that places less emphasis on the photograph alone.’

@hello_marcbaker – ‘Photography carries with it a contextulisation which forces its’ audience to think, and discover the overt meaning for itself.’

@_StephenVaughan – ‘I agree context is important – also interested in how the pace of making and reading photographs affects our understanding.’

@annarosejay – ‘With editing and creation of new things, using the bombardment of images to make something magical.’


It’s question time again tomorrow! Here and here.