#BPF / WB Meets Brighton Photo Fringe Debate Time

‘Can recognizably photoshop generated 3D objects be perceived as ready made sculptures on photography?’


Asks Andrey Bogush

@Andy Price: Due to photographs flatness, I feel that they have more to do with collage.

@PeterAinsworth: or indeed appropriation and re-contextualization in photography

@PeterAinsworth: not what is depicted its about being flat. Needs physicality Sculpture from past participle of sculpere to carve

@andreybogush: But don’t we perceive them more 3D(cons. more sculptural) than anything else depicted on photographic image?

@PeterAinsworth: ‘readymade’ has specific history in terms of surrealism. Comes from objet trouve so in that sense no

@PeterAinsworth: Also I think the term sculpture implies physical 3-D so if it is produced as a print then could be sculpture

@PeterAinsworth: I think the collage is a nearer approximation to this concept

@gmarlowe: Photos aren’t necessarily reality. Images are representations of an artist’s views/concepts

@rzyrzy: no i don’t think so. photos aren’t necessarily reality. the images are representations of a specific artist’s views/concepts

@rzyrzy: it just so happens that photography as a medium in general is far more convincing and easily believable than say, a painting

@rzyrzy: technology in camera based art just allows for more seamless visual trickery, it doesn’t make those “objects” actually exist.