#BPF / WB Meets Brighton Photo Fringe Debate Time


Everyday this week we will be posting a question from our WB X BPF debate series! Yesterday saw Caroline von Courten, managing editor of Foam Magazine ask:


“Can you imagine that a photographic artwork is for sale as a digital file and not as a print?”


A lot of great solutions and restrictions suggested in response to Caroline’s question, once again below are some of our favourites:

@yellow_bear – ‘How could you then protect yourself against duplictions being made and distributed?’

@andreybogush – ‘I can but not so sure if it’s applicable to limited edition sales.’

@dewachi – ‘If we buy mp3 and computer software, why not visual images?’

@yellow_bear – ‘How would we view them? I am bored of the over saturation of images online and wouldn’t want2view purchased art on a computer.’

@prettyvacantdub – ‘Could use the itunes film rental formula where the files destroys itself after a set period.’

@fiona_Rogers – ‘Have you seen new digital collecting initiative from [s]edition? seditionart.com

@davewyatt – ‘No, part of the importance of the print is it’s haptic nature and this is lost through digital display. Also lose any uniqueness.’

@nikadamdotcom – Buying art in the digital form is a great idea. just think of the post production possibilities it would create!’

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