#BPF / WB Meets Brighton Photo Fringe Debate Time

go Yesterday’s installment from our WB X BPF debate series came from none other than WB favourite Anouk Kruithof who asked the question:

go to site ‘What do you think about the future of the photographic / artist – book? Do you think the E-Book will ever compete with the physical book?’

Once again below are some of our favourite responses to Anouk’s question, it appears that a book’s feel and smell is very important! :

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cheaper version of doxycycline @peterainsworth – ‘There is a definite sense that digital media has great potential. It is really about using the right tool for the job. I would say that there will be a diverse and eclectic future combining both; maybe even in the same physical object’

buy azithromycin in US online @appleJuice_Mag – ‘The e-book might not compete as such, because it caters to a different audience. Though that’s not to say it won’t achieve!’

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=buying-tetracycline-online-UK @andreybogush – ‘New devices have wonderful screens – for some photographs it can be much nicer medium than traditional paper-based one.’

source link @phaidon – ‘You still can’t beat having a beautifully bound & laid out book just waiting to be opened+explored to viewing images on a screen. Plus, we’ve not found an e-reader yet that has that wonderful new book smell.’

follow url @marcwilsonPhoto  – ‘Ebook immediate & with own interactive possibilities but never a replacement for cherished beauty+texture of a physical book.’

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=where-to-buy-amoxicillin-in-Australia @rzyrzy – ‘While ebooks are great &convenient, it just wouldn’t have as inviting a presence as a photobook on my shelf or coffee table.’

here @14_19  – ‘Two can co-exist harmoniously… @MappEditions@nolayout, booksonline.fr are all exploring the diff. boundaries of the medium.’

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ordering doxycycline online Alex Milnes via Facebook:

‘I’m not sure if e-books will ever replace print but there is definitely a market for them as they can offer more content/user interaction that print can’t. For example British Vogue’s iPad edition enables the user to view short films from shoots, interviews as well as animations, which really adds something to the experience. Saying that, there is something special about owning a physical copy of a publication, books and certain magazines are such beautiful objects, you don’t get the smell or feel of the book with something digital or lovely looking objects on your bookshelf. I love to collect books but I’m also an avid supporter of digital as it can offer so much so it would be great to see some sort of happy medium between print and digital, perhaps when someone buys a physical copy of a book it could enable them to access a digital version of it where there are special features.’


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