#BPF / WB Meets Brighton Photo Fringe Debate Time

Here at Wandering Bears we are very sad for our featured WB X BPF debate series to be coming to a close. However do not shed a tear just yet as we look back on Friday’s question posed by previous Photoworks Director Gordon MacDonald who asked:

‘Are printed photography books and magazines mostly fetish items for collectors or the best way to disseminate images and ideas?’


Below are a few selected responses:


@thischrisking – ‘I’ve pretty much come to accept I can’t afford photo books, just as I can’t afford edition prints. Purely luxury items.’

@peterainsworth – ‘These fetishised reasonably priced paper samples are designed to get you on the hard stuff, addiction and therefore collecting.’

@photoworks_uk –  ‘Nothing can replace printed books & magazines but digital can reach a far bigger audience. Both should compliment each other.’

@photoSensor – ‘Books & Magazines costing £££ can be seen as niche. Photo news papers & zines seen as cheap but easy to distribute to audience.’

Adam Stockwell via Facebook – ‘Our screen resolutions (etc.) are all going to vary, if an artist/photographer… wants the work to be viewed by everyone in the same way, with the same qualities then I believe printed materials are the best way. Short run books are for collectors. (Although I would wish that BJP Magazine would stop printing images on a two page spread. That makes images unsightly.)

Nina Perlman via Facebook – ‘The question is slightly unfocused: from a collector’s perspective, books and artist zines are collectible items, more than a typical photo magazine. And from the artist’s point of view, a book or zine may be the best way to present and share the images/project. As always, though, the best way to share the work depends on the nature of the work.’


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