#BPF / WB Meets Brighton Photo Fringe Debate Time

Yesterday we presented to you the second question from our WB x BPF debate series with a very special question from Charlotte Cotton who asked:


“In a social media age, do you think we want physical social space to offer us different or more specific things? ” – Charlotte Cotton.

Once again, we received an incredible response so here are some of our favourites:

@harrywatts – I approach online and physical space differently so there is no need for the space to offer anything, you must offer to it.

@iainsarjeant – I think in this social media age, real physical socializing is more important than ever & offers much richer relationships.

@louis_little – Entering any social media space is like having the post, newspaper and latest pizza menu through your letterbox at once…I would hope that there physical equivalents would offer something more concentrated.

@alexmoorephoto – Activity in social space is often much more pre-envisioned. All the small talk is over thanks to SM. People want more action!

@ambravernuccio -Yes, of course! We are still human after all and we like the stimulation of our senses. Also digital can be a lonely experience.

@blinkzine – There is a great need for physical spaces outside an institution, social media online can be a damaging replacement.

@davejamesclark – Already evident through all the zines in circulation. theres a need to disseminate the physicality associated with photography.

@lip79 – I miss being amongst people. There was something extremely simple about being in social spaces, now it seems complicated.

@andreybogush – I feel like these two spheres are still very separated for me and in some sense they both are irreplaceable (yet?).


Our next installment will be posted on Friday, so be sure to stay tuned to our facebook & twitter pages.