Chapters · Wandering Bears

Welcome to the latest instalment of Wandering Bears Chapters… It’s been a while!

We wish to introduce a selection of articles from a few of our old favorites alongside some new faces and contributors. We have really pushed ahead with the video interviews, this time around featuring 12 artists & photographers from around the world, talking through their individual practices and influences. We look into the world of international photographic awards and submissions from several perspectives talking with a judge, submitter and a recent award winner. We offer an insight into the collection photography with Gary Cohen. Along side the usual round up of interviews, features and reviews.

We also ventured into the world of Podcasting, inviting artists Tom Lovelace & Dominic Bell into our studio for a chat. Hopefully this is something which will continue and develop, becoming an ongoing project.

As always we love receiving submissions to and via our Tumblr & Instagram / #wbjourneys.

Over & Out

Nik, Luke, Peter & Jennifer.