Class of 2012 – Erik Kroes

We have finally found our Dutch graduate for Class of 2012, and he goes by the name of Erik Kroes…another fine Dutch talent in the making. Graduating in photography from AKV St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands, the images below form an emerging pattern amongst photographic talent that are looking to challenge photography and its’ digital uprise. Using glitches as his creative tool here is what Erik had to say about his series “(dis)connect”…

“Our society is digitizing rapidly. Online media are replacing meeting points more and more. This battle between the virtual and the physical is an invisible one. Only traces like the spaces that are left empty, leave an impression.

In the electronic world a glitch is one of the few visible signs of a technical defect. The presented reality is being breached and the processes that work behind the scenes become visible for a moment. Using this, existing locations are being afflicted by their potential digital replacements in this project. An image emerges of a battle that might have been fought already.”