Class Of 2012 – Maxime Guyon Kicking off our Class Of 2012 here on Wandering Bears, we are highlighting the work of Maxime Guyon studying at Ecole de Condé in Lyon. The following images are taken from his 2012 series Living 90’s Graphism. To say the work focuses on shape and colour would be an understatement, bursting with vibrancy and oozing with compelling forms, Guyon provides a journey that instantly takes you back to the now seemingly present land of the 1990’s. Maxime explains the inspiration and focus of the series derives from an attempt to ‘depict and describe my first discovery and interest of visual experiences from within my childhood.’ Successfully capturing and articulating so many unique connotations and facets belonging to a 1990’s childhood,  which i find only too easy to relate to and enjoy myself, all that’s missing is a little Diddy Kong Racing and a little of THIS?

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