Class of 2012 – Sam Harris & Alex Catt

where to buy tetracycline 500mg A recent trip to visit third year students at Brighton University enabled me to see a host of new and exciting works. And a question I was asked by one of the students was ‘what makes a project stand out and why do we select the work we do?’ And I think projects by both Sam Harris and Alex Catt encapsulate and answer that question perfectly. The great thing about this blog is we have a range of contributers each with a unique outlook and taste, resulting in a wide range of interesting work being shown.

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buying zithromax online UK I find Sam Harris’ project ‘Vital Fiction‘ visually pleasing and his aesthetic style very engaging, I like the original approach he has developed that brings his subjects alive. This creative output is echoed in the way he has laid his work out online. This mix of fantasy and realism is a tough area to be original in but I think Sam does well, balancing clever and ordinary images.  When a project entices me in like this I want to find out more and that is exactly what I did. I asked Sam about his work…

get link “Vital Fiction is an exploration of life, death and our existence. It is a personal inquest into the worlds vast number of unanswered questions; a search for reason brought on by pure curiosity.”

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zithromax dosage for adults with ear infection I have a soft spot for photographic projects that entrance themselves in beauty and sentiment, and Alex Catt series ‘There Is No Sun Without Shadows‘ captures both of these qualities wonderfully. A self initiated journey to find out the meaning of being alone lead Alex to some exquisit places. Idilic landscapes are combined with ordinary ones, you can really feel his journey of trying to find an emotion, how do you find such a thing? There is a lovely combination of landscape and portraiture in this series and i’ve picked out my favourite images. In my opinion a project like this can only be fully realised when it is taken away from the screen and made into a book, where the intimacy of such an idea can be further explored. Great stuff.

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get link Our Class of 2012 deadline has been extended to 15th July, so keep the submissions coming in…