Take It Somewhere New · Wandering Bears

Take It Somewhere New features 1000+ photographs by 13 young photographers from the artist collective, Wandering Bears.

The photographs presented in the exhibition capture the story of the artist’s personal lives and obsessions they each have in photographing something new. This process enables the artists to keep their practice alive by documenting the colourful seconds that pass by in their everyday world. The photographs displayed in the exhibition are not seen as work by the Wandering Bears, but simply the outcome of an impulsive habit.

Take It Somewhere New is much more than just an exhibition, it is an ongoing project. It is a project that will grow and evolve throughout the Wandering Bears lives, documenting their new homes, new landscapes, new projects and most importantly their new experiences. The collective intend to take the project somewhere new and exhibit the project in various locations.

Featured Artists:


Andrew Bruce / UK
Andrew Ferguson / UK
Alexander Milnes / UK
Hailey Ford / UK
Jake Kenny / UK
Luke Norman / UK
Nik Adam / UK
Oliver Poddar / UK
Peter Haynes / UK
Ruth George / UK
Roberta Mataityte / LTH
Stephen Cuss / UK
Tviga Vasilyeva / RUS