Five Questions – Martina Giammaria

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go Each WB Chapter will bring together a selection of artists that we admire and ask them five questions, looking at new ways of communicating we asked each artist to respond to the questions via video.

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what painkillers can I take with azithromycin Our five questions were:

1. Who are you and what do you do?
2. Inspiration 101, show us your favourite book, spread, what you like about it?
3. Show us a piece of your work. Tell us the story behind it? How it came about? What it was for?
4. Something you’ve learnt?
5. Camera of choice and why?

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see url Martina Giammaria

source url Martina epitomises the tumblr generation. Her colourful, seductive work is eye catching and although we have never met it kind of feels like we already have.

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buy bactrim in Kansas City Missouri MO USA Enjoyed our 5 questions? Think we should be asking you the next questions? Contact