Five Questions – Roxana Azar

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flagyl antibiotic buy online Each WB Chapter will bring together a selection of artists that we admire and ask them five questions, looking at new ways of communicating we asked each artist to respond to the questions via video. Our five questions were:

1. Who are you and what do you do?
2. Inspiration 101, show us your favourite book, spread, what you like about it?
3. Show us a piece of your work. Tell us the story behind it? How it came about? What it was for?
4. Something you’ve learnt?
5. Camera of choice and why? Five Questions / Roxana Azar

price for flagyl 400mg Doing a lot of interesting things in her post production stage of her work, Roxana’s work always grabs our attention and demands more than a split second viewing. A nice way to keep up to date with her latests is via Instagram.

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