Class of 2011 / Manda Wilks

source Today’s Graduate submission comes from Brighton alumni Manda Wilks. We came across Manda’s work at this year’s University of Brighton a few weeks back where we were blown away by her project, ‘Chrome.’ Having studied graphic design for the last 3 years, it is impressive to see a photographic publication more refreshing and intriguing than many seasoned photographic practitioners can muster. Chrome represents perfectly the fine eye which a talented graphic designer’s discipline and intuition can bring to a photo project, turning it into something completely unique. I await Ms. Wilks’ future photo/ design collaborations, and please more foil covers. Take it away Manda…

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doxycycline 100mg tablet price ‘Chrome’ is a book that celebrates Kodachrome family photographs and the past 75 years of the process, as it was discontinued in 2010. I brought over 500 slides on ebay that were all mixed family holiday snaps, I found it amazing that somehow these once meaningful images of loved ones became yet another flea market style item. Therefore, I created ‘Chrome’ based on the concept of it being like a family album, giving this brightly coloured photographs a purpose and archive once again. The 60 page long book was inkjet printed onto off-white matte paper with a silver foil blocked cover.’