Class of 2011 / Plymouth Uni

So instead of my Friday blog roll I am dedicating my slot to Plymouth Uni, their grad shows kicks off tonight and here is a reminder why you should go check it out…

Matthew Warder didn’t want to reveal too much about his project and prefers people to take what they want from his work, he did however give us this sweet quote which compliments his images…’Rare are the moments our minds become free, like the wind and the stream and the falling tree.’


I think it isĀ  combination of subject matter and composition that makes Ana Langridge work of interest, I’ve been trying to figure out for ages whats on that window seal, I reckon some sort of star wars memorabilia?? Either way it’s all good down west country…

And finally Louis Little, this guy seems to have a knack for portraits and this is one of my favorites I’ve seen so far..In the words of Louis…’Every new person that you meet and new place you experience can provide fresh and exciting challenges. It is this transient sense of youth, growth and change that interests me and provides an anchor for my current photographic practice.’

Plymouth Photography Degree Show:

PV: 6pm Friday 10th June, Continues: 11th-24th June 9am – 5pm

2nd Floor Scott Building, University of Plymouth, Drakes Circus.