Interview – Chloe Newman

get link We caught up with LCC student Chloe Newman for a quick chat about life at Uni and her work. With odd compositions, bright colours and long finger nails all appearing in her imagery, we think Chloe is going to be one to look out for in the future, here is what she had to say…

follow url buy amoxil 250mg Australia Final years at Uni can be quiet stressful ones, how are you finding yours? Still managing to take nice photos I hope? I am excited to be in the process of making new work for the final show, yet I am also equally excited to explore the possibilities once I finish! So I am split, I think its important to stay excited and not to let the stressful elements take over, I want to appreciate the time I still have at uni and see it as a positive.

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buy ciprofloxacin in Europe online How does LCC fair as a Uni to study at? Being in one of the biggest cities in the world does this give you an advantage?
LCC is a really down to earth uni, the people are varied in interests and styles which is always inspiring, I have found it especially refreshing as although it has a particular emphasis on the contextual side of creative work, it also really allows you to develop your own style practically and there is pretty much free reign on what you can do so there’s a real sense of freedom when it comes to your own work. I think being based in London is an advantage, there are a lot of opportunities and great exhibitions on to get inspired by!

kan man köpa antibiotika receptfritt I can already see a development in the images you have on your site, what have been the influences on your work over the past year?
Thank you, I’m glad you can see it!  Over the past year I’ve been influenced visually by photographers Tereza Zelenkova, Viviane Sassen, Joshua Citarella and Bryan Dooley to name a few. This blog has often fuelled my inspiration: I’ve always had a solid interest in surrealism (René Magritte’s paintings, Luis Buñuels film Un Chien Andalou) and the works of David Lynch so I guess mainly I find I am influenced by things that are not perceived as normal, the fragmented and unusual.

go to site I find the empty space in you series Visual conflicts awkward, you like to confront your viewer, why is this?

I think its extremely important when creating images that rely heavily on the visual to really ‘hit’ the viewer, to create a mood or feeling felt. In the Visual Conflicts case I wanted the viewer to feel an attraction to the work visually, through the bold colours and strange/comical compositions and upon a prolonged viewing begin to feel a gradual sense of unease and disconcert – I love it when you see an image that can make you feel opposite emotions simultaneously, the kind that splits you and you’re uncertain what to make of it.
flagyl 400mg cost Canada We love a good collaboration, and we notice you do too, can you tell us what sort of colloboration you take part in and why Black tropicana?
I am currently collaborating with my classmate Rebecca Scheinberg and together we form NEWSHINE. Black Tropicana sprung from our mutual interest in trashy 80s glamour aesthetics, since starting at LCC we gradually found we liked a lot of the same styles and references but it was extra nice as we would always go about creating work based on these shared influences in different ways. I think its great to collaborate, we have different strengths which together I think ‘complete each other’ haha!  We have been taking on commissions recently and hopefully will continue to do more!