Review / Jason Evans X Hyéres 2011

We would like to present to you a small series of write ups and photos from various photo festivals from across the world from our man on the street Jason Evans. Hopefully you will have heard, seen or been excited by this guy’s work before, Jason has been a big supporter and influence to all at WB and we hope we can continue to deliver more niceness in the future.

Over to you big man…

“Had a great time here on the panel of judges for the photography prize. Could not have been a lovelier bunch of people to spend time thinking about photography with. Likewise, some interesting work. Prize went to Anouk Kruithof who is publishing some really thoughtful work in really thoughtful formats. Super location, really relaxed festival and great food, fresh sea swimming, good discos. Super nice to meet Winfried from Kodoji and Marc from Eyecurious and Tom from Art Review for the first time. What a bunch of sweeties.”

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