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From the 19th November – 18th December Wandering Bears will be involved in a variety of ways at this year’s Brighton Photo Fringe Open’11. We thought what better way to celebrate than by bringing you a #BPF featured month here on WB. Once again we have teamed up with a host of very special guest bloggers from artists, reviewers and reporters we will be bringing you the very latest from the Open’11. On-top of all that, throughout the festival we will be running a debate series on the #BPF Twitter (@PhotoFringe) and Facebook pages where we will bring you a variety of questions from leading photographers, curators and publishers. So get ready to get your thinking caps on and get involved.
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Wandering Bears:

Twitter: @Wanderingbears / Hashtag: #BPF

Facebook: WanderingBears


Below we introduce to you our very special guest bloggers we have here at WB throughout the Brighton Photo Fringe month, it’s going to be swell I can tell… P.P.P

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Preston is My Paris will be sharing with WB viewers just what it is that makes them tick. From from printing zines in their bedrooms to being featured artist’s at this year’s Open’11, these guys sure know what it takes to have their unique voice heard within the crowded contemporary publishing community. Harry Watts

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Harry Watts will be one of two reporters / reviewers at this year’s Open’11 for Wandering Bears. With a keen eye for found objects, we can’t wait to see what Harry finds and how he photographically responds to each event that he attends.

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Born in Portugal and living in Australia another featured artist at this years Open’11, Pedro Ramos will be sharing with us his very own creative influences. Pedro’s presentation style is always unique and exciting, so be prepared to see some exciting content splashed all over the Wandering Bear pages. Anna Jay

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Founder of Blink Magazine, Anna Jay will be providing you with some of her latest photographic inspirations and just what it is that gets her design mojo going, no doubt a gifted editor of images and we are extremely excited to see what Anna delivers.

source site Kevin Beck

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Kevin Beck, a talented photographer & organiser of PhotoBookShow at this year’s BPF. A favourite among many of us here long before WB was even formalised. Providing us with his top photo book pics, we can’t wait to see what this Jason Evans protégé will be brining to the table.

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Living and working in London, RCA graduate Nadege Meriau will be providing WB with….ermm, well we are not too sure what Nadege will be doing, and that excites us alot, so definitely stay tuned for these posts!