Review – A Place In The Cliff

follow A Place In The Cliff, what a lovely start. The title had me before I even turned the first page. Yosuke Yajima’s pocket size book has a finely constructed edit that has you wanting to turn each page to see where you are off to next. Bemused and faceless portraits combined with pockets of wilderness have you toing and froing from reality to fantasy. I started to feel like I was in the pursuit of something i couldn’t ignore, every image begins to harness an expectation, leading you eagerly toward the next page.

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cheapest ciprofloxacin UK Large scale and dramatic images have been successfully contained to these small pages with great effect. I want to see behind the hair that covers the girls face, I need to know where that blustery green tree is and why that couple are on the other side of the river. I love the inquisitive nature these images have lead me, I feel the vastness of the valley more so than ever.

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