Jason Evans – Hyeres 2012

http://www.ptm.org.pl/?y=flagyl-interactions-with-birth-control “Although a small festival the natural beauty of the location means there’s lots to explore nearby for a wonderful, balanced long weekend. Did I mention the food?


bactrim 480mg price USA I was lucky enough to be on the jury for a second year as they gave me a show this year too. Michel Mallard and Raphaelle Stopin get an extraordinary group of jurors together every year and to be selected for this competition is prize in itself as each of the 10 finalists gets time to discuss their work with the panel. Last years winner Anouk Kruithof made what could be her most successful show to date. A brilliant physical translation of the kind of multi-layered subtlety she demonstrates in her printed matter. Her images were edited by a young New Yorker who’d never taken a photograph. These pictures were suspended horizontally to be viewed in small hand-mirrors. It sounds so simple, the effect was beguiling, delightful and reminiscent of a digital experience in analogue time. She always makes me thinkĀ andĀ  feel.


cipro and other drugs interaction The finalists this year were a pleasure to meet, the range of work super-broad (from black and white film to CGI) the jury deliberations took nearly 5 hours! You’ve probably already seen the winning work of Canadian Jessica Eaton… she’s got heaps more where that came from. She is a special talent, and to hear her talk about her work in her unpretentious, matter-of-fact vernacular is really refreshing. Brilliant!”

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