Review – Lina Scheynius – 04

source As always, Lina Scheynius’ latest publication is an intimate affair. The most recent instalment of Scheynius’ growing catalogue of self published books is simply titled ‘04‘, confounding this publications greatest value, simplicity. When opening the publication there is no foreword, no name, just a title and the visuals begin. For me, this publication is whatever you want it to be. It is honest, sincere and at times wonderfully beautiful. There is no fanfare, this is purely the documentation of Lina Scheynius’ life. Through the photographic images published, it appears Scheynius greatly values theses fleeting moments of┬ávulnerability, intimacy & the unknown that occupy her days. On viewing, I only feel a sense of honesty about these photographs, moments of truth and┬ásincerity, documented with no more, or no less than it requires for all to see and enjoy.

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